The Hopper

How are you?

My name’s Karen but when my good friend Michelle started calling me Karenina, I kind of stuck with that. She has a peculiarly nice way of saying it, what a nice lady.

Anyway, I’m 22 as of this writing, and I’m hailing from the sunshiny, summery, occasionally rainy island of Cebu, Philippines.

Hopscotch Memoirs is just an ego structure, an attempt to leave a trace. I honestly don’t think there’s a point in it but seeing my writing plastered some place actually gives me a sense of accomplishment, which I really need sometimes.

So what’s it got for you?

I publish a lot of fiction, mostly vignettes. After so many MBTI tests, I’m finally led to believe I’m INTP, which is kind of nice because I justify my laziness with it. Sometimes, I share my travel stories and photos – I take a lot of those too.

I’m mostly very realistic – if you can’t call it pessimistic. I believe this is all we have and that’s it. Zippo. I fall in love very easily which usually leads me into serious shit. I can’t work or sleep with music (except stoner rock). I play a bit of guitar, a bit of ukulele, and I sing a bit too. I’m opting out of labels, I just do things and I’m quite content with that. Also I really like talking to new people. Really. So please talk to me when you’re lonely or whenever.

Wanna share your sarcasm? Have some comments? Got something to share? Found a cat somewhere? I’d love to know. Hit me up at

Nice to meet you too.

*yes, that’s a fake mustache, whaddya expect




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