From Assia

To your hurt. To your heart that bleeds and mourns. I know your pain, I feel your grief. I know it will never go away for a long time and I am sorry. In some way, I feel responsible, but I cannot find it in my heart to regret. Things have unfolded as they are and you cannot teach the heart to forget. Love has wound its way to each of us and snuck deep and left its foot marks with ink. But it is never always pleasant. Sometimes, it takes a storm with it. I’ve been there, I’ve been devastated and the first stab cuts the deepest and it will always be that way. I wish you’d never had to go through all this and if it is only up to me, I would have taken the blade. But it is not and you have to understand that in this, we can never be selfish. We have to take whatever it offers us, pain or joy. You’ve probably shed tears for a thousand nights and I have mourned for you for as long as my heart can rememberer. But this is not solely about you, or me, or anybody else’s. This, my dear, is beyond us. And whatever may come of it in the future, I hope we all find our way.


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