I’m sharing a road with the devil, in this god-forsaken path of uncertainty, towards what my heart could only recognize as doom. In the distance, I see the storm, I feel the slowly thickening fog of doubt, that hollow sound of the wind in my ears, its strong embrace caressing my face. Then I smile with the devil, and tell him how much it has been a sad and happy ride, this scarring pact of knowing silence. I await to be devoured by the chaos, its unrelenting strength ripping my very being, synapse after synapse of memories collide into a hailstorm of pain and merciless evocation. I stand submitting to the world where all my insides are torn, I stand with eyes unfocused and a mind polluted by the noise of forget-me-nots.

This here, has been a bloody revolution. In the distance, I can make out the stillness.

(photo credit: pexels)


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