Routine Is..

..Waking up at eight in the morning to the sound of contempt and beckoning corporate slavery

Spending 20 minutes in the toilet reading Anna Karenina or why I should be cool to the pizza delivery dude

Spending 30 minutes in the shower while over-thinking every little detail of my mundane existence

Taking another 20 minutes actually restructuring the closet in the hopes of finding something that would make me hate myself less – all the while taking sips of the proverbial morning caffeine

A five to ten minute walk to the jeepney bay, baking under the 9 am steam of that I-don’t-give-a-fuck Aztec god

Another five minutes of waiting to assemble the jeepney humanity

Ten to fifteen minutes of delaying the inevitable

An entire two hours of trying to concentrate

Hurrah break!

Five more hours of counting down to

A thirty-minute off

Two hours and thirty minutes of pure anger

Three-minute walk to the jeepney bay

Ten minutes anticipation of that cave I call a room

Four hours of unaccounted time which could be:
Playing guitar, doing the laundry, trying to finish the damn book, mulling over unhealthy thoughts

One hour of virtually communicating with another human being

Dozing off

Effing life pushing on repeat.


What’s yours like?


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