I Miss You, Crazy Bastards

I’ve long had this idea of starting a diary blog about people. I mean the content of the blog would be the people from my life and how I see them. After all, how you see people is not actually how they really are but how you are as a person.

That really appealed to me. But I was lazy and it got put off. But last week, I saw this picture from my wallet.


It was that time when we craved for ice cream from Family Mart and everybody had longer hair. I just recently quit my job. I don’t miss work but I miss them.

I thought maybe I could use this to start that long put-off project:


Anna is very bubbly and ready for anything crazy. Yanyan once said she was the epitome of a funny tumblr person and I agree. She sometimes calls me hippie but she’s certainly hippier than me. Of course, that woman has no reason to be unhappy. She’s got a really nice husband, god bless that man, and a charming, blonde little girl.


Oh this martyr kid. I always have that feeling she wants everyone to be pleased and happy, to a fault – because sometimes she sacrifices her own. She also knows how to swim which I envy so much and she knows many things about many things. She’s witty and smart, but she has to learn to be mean too.


This girl seems to be older than Siquijor’s balete tree. Very profound. She seems to understand so much about life more than anyone, I wonder how that doesn’t wear her down. I love her more than I was able to say, she hugs me too, even if she doesn’t want hugs.


Awesome. Very witty, very flexible. Much intelligent. She moshes too, I mean the nearest I’d wanna be in a mosh pit is with the distance of a very shy drone camera. Literature, movies, politics, she’s deep into those shit. And despite her frigid front, she’s actually very talkative and nice and warm, just that she doesn’t like hugs too. Like every other INTJ person I know.


If anybody from this group is going to heaven, it’s certainly Debbie. We’d just hang in purgatory or get lost somewhere in our hellish afterlives. Debbie is VERY nice, more than this capslock “very” could ever say. I wonder how she stays that happy. I wanna be that happy. We miss her every time she goes on leave.


Not shown here is the commander. The commander says, we follow. The commander likes selfies and beaches and work (yes! work). The commander is crazy. But he’s the commander so we don’t say so, else we’ll be off with our heads.


Manong is that dude who’s always on Facebook just to spite capitalism and make sarcastic comments about stupid issues. He’s very quiet but very easy to galgal anywhere. Manong is the person you take coffee out with, not because of the coffee but because of the conversation. I love Manong because we share a love for cats. Hope he finds love already.

I miss you crazy bastards.



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