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A Friend Departs for Marriage

It must take a special kind of courage for people to go into that kind of commitment. I am in love, yes. But I still think that things like forevers are too good to be true. I guess you can call me super pessimistic. I am. (I’m sad about it too!)

Magding asked me to shoot for their prenup. I had about two weeks notice, and during that interval, I haven’t shot anything seriously. Just occasional smartphone shots here and there. The last time I took a photo of anything using a DSLR was maybe over a year ago. So this really came as a surprise. But since we are best friends and I am not getting paid, we just kind of hit it, come what may.

I could list about a hundred things that went wrong during the shoot. I had two hours to get acquainted with a Nikon D500, shot some with a very makulit 7-year-old who wants to take a picture of me with it (which ended up with him shooting more than originally intended), the make-up artist came late, and so we started at almost 6pm already, and oh damn be damned.

It went well though, I guess. Or at least better than expected. I really miss shooting. Here are some of the results.










Ciao. Still believe in love though.



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