Bantayan Island Adventure Photos

Got trapped outside, slept at the convenience store because my key was badly copied >>

spent almost two hours lounging at the bus station waiting for the Hagnaya trip. ended up taking the non-airconditioned bus instead after we exhausted ourselves of excessive nonsense laughter.

squeezed into the very full bus
View from San Remigio port. Took a ferry to Sta.Fe

Alas! Welcome to Bantayan. A beautiful Saturday @ ANika Beach Resort.

Anika Resto. Recommended for excellent staff service. Great food most especially!

Hello sandshine!

Stunning beach view
having the beach to ourselves! extra exclamation points for extra excitement

Good morning sunshine 🙂

Off to the Virgin Island. Boat rental @ 700php


executing the original plan. lie down and get lazy the whole weekend. accomplishment level near complete


entrance fee was 250 per person. i was shocked but it looked like we didn’t have any other choice. 250 to maybe 2-3 hours of feeling isla people
strolling strong stoned skipping spinning humming dumb dub dancing

heading back after over two (or three) hours of walking, swimming about

this restaurant and their pretty nasty menu

Our last morning in the island. Took an early walk along the beach. It was pretty. Pretty as pretty gets.

heading back
port view


The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.

 – H.D. Thoreau


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