Karenina’s Alegria-Badian Canyoning Experience

I am usually careless with things, including myself. The caveman calls me the mistress of disaster and I always find myself in messy situations.

So maybe jumping off cliffs should be the last of the things I’d dare try,no? But I did it, anyway. And I will definitely do it again.

Last October 11, twelve members of the Cebu Bloggers Society, in partnership with the wonderful people of iCanyon Cebu and the Kawasan Park Multipurpose Cooperative, tried the nerve-racking, adrenaline-rushing challenge of canyoning.

Canyoning, according to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, is:

a ​sport that ​involves ​jumping into a ​mountain ​stream that is ​flowing very ​fast and being ​carried down the ​stream while you ​float on ​your back

At CSBT, 5am.
Ian, Ly and Mark

After over four hours on the road, we arrived right in time for breakfast, courtesy of the generous Kawasan Coop chair sir Isau. We were also graced with the company of Chevy and Junior, the enthusiastic faces of iCanyon Cebu who answered all our queries regarding the activities with remarkable patience.



After breakfast, we met our guides, chose our right shoe fits, buckled up, prepped the cameras, and went on our way to Alegria, the starting point of the activity.

Choose Shoes
Choose Shoes
Gearing up.
Gearing up.
Multicab ride.
Multicab ride.

Borders and Bureaucracy

The canyoning jump off starts at Kanlaob River in Alegria and exists at Kawasan Falls, already a part of the neighboring town, Badian. It was inevitable that the conversation would segue into the laws and policies covering the activity. Given its rapidly increasing popularity in the social stream, it becomes imperative for the two municipalities to come up with synchronized laws regarding the facilitation of canyoning events.

Registration of guest names at Alegria office.

But it is not [yet] the present case. Alegria has a designated tourism office; Badian doesn’t. And when the system is this disorganized, it naturally follows that bureaucratic parasites would be quick to take advantage of the loopholes.

Issues regarding the regulation of certified operators, for example.

Let’s do this!


One of the most important emphasis that Sir Isau pointed out about canyoning is the safety. During our experience, our operators provided us with three trained, well-informed and very courteous guides. The proper guest-to-guide ratio was followed to ensure maximum safety. There were 12 of us and they made sure that the group was properly handled: there was a lead, a middle person and a sweeper, making no room for compromise.

First jumps are craziest.

Unfortunately, due to the booming business potential that the new attraction easily offered, many locals took the liberty of offering these activities without proper regulation, putting the uninformed majority at risk. Even the unpredictable river landscape that rearranges with nature’s whim presents new challenges for the guides themselves from time to time.

Intimidating canyon walls.
breathtaking blue pools
me, prepping for the second jump

Exhilirating Adventure

Nevertheless, everything is sure to come out fine with the right people to help you. My spectacular experience through jumps, treks, climbs over boulders, blackfloats, and even holding hands while kicking off cliffs set the bar for the next self-daring challenge. It was a fascinating experience where everybody had a really really great time.

happy rompers












After almost four hours of the adventure, we were greeted with a delectable feast at Kawasan Falls. More convos followed, photos taken, then we gathered our gears, headed back to Sir Isau’s place and rode back to the city with tired limbs but happy hearts.



Experience the thrill for yourself! Capture your next unforgettable friend or family bonding moments with the canyons of Alegria and Badian.


Bus Fare: 126 php for non-airconditioned bus; 136 for air-conditioned bus


  • 1500 for a group of one to five people
  • 1000 for a group of 6 people and above

Generic Inclusions of the Package:

  • shoes
  • life vests
  • helmets
  • guide fee
  • entrance fees
  • meal


In case a participating individual has existing medical conditions that might render him/her vulnerable to injury during the activity, the operators have the prerogative to have the person sign a waiver waiving them of all liabilities that might come with an unfortunate accident or event as a direct result of such, should the person decide to push through. Yet, it is also comforting to note that the guides are trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support so you can assure that they would readily respond to emergencies efficiently as the need arises.


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