Losing Myself in Dumaguete

It was about 7pm. Cebu’s gentle neighbor’s night life was alive. We strolled through the infamous boulevard and gawked at smoke pipes and couples; carriage rides and strange retails, then talked over beer and pistachio ice cream. He told me about his childhood, I contemplated over my own lack of it. My memories are too hidden, I have no stories to share. I fought the urge to weep.

On a more positive note, it was a good feeling to find myself in another city, away from the familiar buzz of my security. I like the uncertainty that the place has to offer, a hand that could hold mine, and the possibility of adventure.

The bounty of Casaroro

Harold’s Eco Lodge. A rustic place to stay within the vicinity of Casaroro. Overnight rate @500 php.

Awesome Taco store in the center of Valencia

me,  fixing a shot


running away
running away
Lake Balinsasayaw
Lake Balinsasayaw




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