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Finding Space: San Carlos City

Space. We have so much space to move. Onwards, there’s a promise. Backwards is always an option. Sideways call for stories. There are still too many kilometers ahead and the routes are laid bare, ready to be walked on. So why do we often feel caged?

Cage is an illusion.
IMG_20150616_161733Some weeks ago, I went with Flenn to her hometown. San Carlos is my kind of space. Laid-back. Silent. Wide. And I intended to scatter my mind to the void.

As you see. I have been chronicling my travels, or at least I try to. Yet, I feel like I always fall short with words so I fill it with photographs instead. I’m afraid I couldn’t give you itineraries or a detailed breakdown of where-tos and how muches. I don’t have a good memory. As soon as I enter the door home after another weekend away, I could only recall snippets of this and that. I think writing about it is my way of remembering it. Honestly, I don’t think any reader could get anything from these offbeat ruminations. I guess I just needed a channel. If somebody else gets me, send me a hi and we can reflect on the fickleness of life together. haha.

So as I was saying, I landed, unexpectedly, in Negros Occidental. I was greeted by Flenn’s mama and her whole band of mischievous cousins. I also met Patrick, the brother and the grandmother she kept telling me about. Flenn said her memory is stuck in some past. She spends her daytime casually wandering around the neighborhood, living the life she thinks she still owned. They find it amusing. I found it sad. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to and I only met her for hours. She called me gwapa, I can only return a smile.

That weekend was far back – prolly a month ago. It was a week or so after I met L and I was very confused. The kind of confused you wanted to get drunk or run away from. Negros provided that escape. We rode on top of jeepneys and got soaked in the rain.The view of Negros and the Kanlaon ranges unraveling before me.

The road led always upwards. Infinite hills and cliffs.
snapping photos while praying I wouldn’t fall off the vehicle
trees on roadsides
..and more fields!

We looked for empty beaches. We found one with an infinite shoreline.

We had the beach all to ourselves.

We took photos of horses. Gorged on fresh coconut flesh. Then swam some more on the Sipaway port.
Nag-unsa ka ngadto, day?” (What were you doing there, day?) A friend asked me. I started with the question; I find it strange. Perhaps it made sense before. After all, isn’t it just rational to go to a place with a goal in mind? Now, I’m not so sure anymore. Anything goes, really. Anything goes, alright.
IMG_9157I’ll be seeing you again, San Carlos.


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