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Taoist Temple and the Time Traveler

I would readily scale muddy trails.
You could talk me into packing my bag for a minute or two to spend the weekend at the tail of Cebu.
To sleep on the beach or camp in the woods.
But I’d hesitate to go to that touristy park only a jeepney ride away.
Yes – me and my issues with the familiar.

But what I discovered is: the places you so often refuse to explore could surprise you in ways. Perhaps it is the poor initial expectation? It was a Saturday and I finally conceded to the idea of going to Taoist Temple. I found a good laag buddy: a time traveler.

Kool kid. Circa 1980 something.
I find it surreal looking at myself from behind. My photographer has a really bad (or good?) timing. Credits to JV


Photo by JV
Photo by JV
Photo by JLV
Photo by JLV
Photoby JLV
Photo by JLV
Photoby JLV
Photo by JLV
This reminds me so much of Chu Un last Chinese New Year.


Photo by JLV

_20150708_213111_20150708_212920I’ve been shooting using my smartphone lately. Some of the images were captured by Jose Luis Gonzalez. You have a good eye, buddy.

Scary? This offshoot is from Cebu Zoo, just near the temple. Nothing really much to see there. You will just break your hearts for the civet cats.

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