Freezing Planes

Freezing Planes | Carcar

southbound-may (13 of 144)Carcar Rotunda

southbound-may (15 of 144)Old building beside St. Catherine

southbound-may (16 of 144)A charming heart-shaped green.

southbound-may (17 of 144)I tried to ask him directions but he just kept on like that. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just left. People about didn’t look worried though so I assumed he was alright?

southbound-may (18 of 144)St. Catherine of Alexandria church

southbound-may (22 of 144)Tried to play with light. I guess there’s a lot to learn.

southbound-may (25 of 144)the church’s interior

southbound-may (26 of 144)chill.

southbound-may (27 of 144)Statues that line the church front

southbound-may (31 of 144)Bust inside Carcar Museum

southbound-may (37 of 144)Carcar Museum in BnW

southbound-may (43 of 144)Happy feet.

southbound-may (46 of 144)Good riddance


6 thoughts on “Freezing Planes | Carcar

    1. I don’t know much about the names, sadly. I just buy whatever’s being sold in the bus haha. But if it’s carcar, it’s def great 🙂


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