Orla’s Roots

Well, rather than constantly ranting about being a confused human animal, which I know is annoying to many (including myself), I will tell about the things I like.

First on the list is a gorgeous young redhead named Orla Gartland.
Orla is an Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin, the capital of no other than the beautiful island country called Ireland which sits on the northeast side of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Orla is 20, born on February 03, 1995 and I met her when she was only 16, at least virtually.

That was in youtube, when I got bored and killed time by surfing through song covers on the site. Back then, she often performed with this other girl, Ashley, and the duo sang surprisingly well. I remember this video of them playing in public (busking) and then that video where I can’t stop laughing because I thought Orla looked silly in her red hair, baggy eyes and those ridiculous glasses. Not to mention that she rarely smiles and often make faces while in action. I thought she was ugly – seriously, I did (such a crime I know, I know) – but it’s an established fact that she’s also a natural eye candy, in some enigmatic, sweet way.

her adorable Halo performance. too casual, unpretentious. she just shines with talent.
her adorable Halo performance. too casual, unpretentious. she just shines with talent.

“You’re just unlucky in love, you’re just unlucky in love.” This was my very first LSS lyric from one of Orla and Ashley’s original composition, “Unlucky.”

And then, “Steps” happened and from then on, I was a fan.

hqdefaultIt can’t be helped; I got hooked. She was this weird 16-year-old who makes great songs, can actually sing, and can play the guitar very well. Not to mention she makes these weird sounds after her videos (you would be disappointed if she doesn’t abide by the routine), has an incredible accent (trow!) and wears a bow tie. For years of being a follower, I watched her transform – she began picking up a fanbase and soon enough, she was on a steady climb to fame. I can’t believe I actually got to witness her journey and I, with all my tiny heart, believe that she deserves to be where she is now. She also got rid of the braces and the baggy eyes – smiled more too! Hi Orla, I’m your biggest fan from the Philippines. I’ll be seeing you someday.

Best Songs

Orla makes great covers. Check out her Halo (still featuring Fetus Orla) and Hey Ya (featuring experimental frozen fingers on ukulele). But the best part about her music is her originals. I can still remember my genuine awe upon discovering her soul-deep songs. (I mean, she’s only sixteen!) In the Philippines, singers mostly limit themselves to just performing, songwriters are often only working silently in the background.

Here are some of my favorite picks and a sneak look at their best lines and most home-hitting, at times, hilarious lines:

All the Little Details

Where do you live?
Well I’m not asking to be a stalker
I just want to send you anonymous love letters.

Adventure Time

We’re gonna do nothing at all
And sit in the cloak room by the hall
And not say a work and drink cups of tea
And it’s just you and me, you and me, you and me
We never needed words


Someone once said, that a story once told
That these streets these streets are paved with gold
But unless you’re standing on them, or sitting on your throne
They mean nothing to me, nothing to me, nothing but stone


Days full of drama, of laughs and of cries
Things can get tough when youre fighting a war from
both sides
So take off your helmet, and put down your gun
Take a step back, take time out have some fun


One step, two step, three step, four
All the steps you’ll ever need and more
And I’ve ran them all
And I’ve ran them all again
Just to get to you
And I wonder if you’d run them for me too


She just wanted him
And she wanted him for good
She would do whatever it took
Whatever she could
And now she can’t stop loving him
She never meant to start
But what else can you expect
from a foolish heart

The Ground

I like to think that I am stronger now
than I was before
But now I’m having trouble
showing you the door

Ripping At the Seams

And if you’re honest with me,
I will be honest right back
I love the things that you’ve got
You love the things that I lack

Piece by Piece

And I want to take you places
You have never been before
And I want to sit for hours
Just to understand you more

Empty Man

I don’t remember you at all
Only the shoes that you wore
I redesigned everything I adore
But your eyes I can’t recall

The following are her more recent releases:


Oh if I was the moon
I would break all the rules
I would sail away into the dark
Not a ghost of a chance that I’d be coming back

Devil On My Shoulder

will i make my own path or wander where I’m thrown
will i make my own path or,
wander where I’m thrown


And I feel a lump, in my throat
and my heart picks up its pace
‘Cause you wouldn’t know a good thing
if it slapped you in the face

Loneley People

If we’re brave enough we wont save it up for later
Come on show me what come on show me what you made of
I’ll start the engine up, come on show me what you’re made of
We’re not damaged goods, maybe we’re just lonely people


Stuck in the rhythm
The same everyday
Looking at pictures
I know I should put away
Building towers
To break them back down
We’re framing the moment
The ties that keep us bound


Need some new places
Need some fresh faces
No one left to please

Technically, these are like the majority of her songs but I think there are quite a lot more I haven’t yet explored. Thanks to attention-seeking life. I recently accessed her musicmaad (her original youtube username) channel to revisit Fetus Orla (see Halo face ^) and her innate awesomeness and found out that some of the videos have already been privated, some probably deleted.

For all the wonderful, humble lady that she is, Orla tops the list for my favorite person in youtube. She reminds me of this person I once encountered who theorized that the younger generation is allegedly a more advanced species than us – poor inferior generation y.

All jokes aside, please give her channel a visit and who knows, we might me going to Dublin together someday to shake her hands. I insist that this happen before she gets too famous for this probability to actually get too close to 0.

Adventure Time
Adventure Time


P.S. The thing is, Orla’s friends with these other budding Irish music artists. I think Dublin is too small to contain their unbelievable music power.

Gabrielle Aplin
Lauren Aquilina
Hudson Taylor – the beautiful Harry & Alfie duo


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