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In Transit | Carcar

I finally got the time to run away on a weekend. I couldn’t remember when I started scaling places on my own. But this is the first time I have fully acknowledged my own vagabondness.

southbound-may (1 of 144)
south-bound: good morning from CSBT

South was an easy target. I woke up at five to start the journey early because I love the subtlety of the first early morning sun while on the bus. There’s a genuine kind of peace in feeling happiness in your own skin.

southbound-may (4 of 144)southbound-may (9 of 144)Possibilities.

There’s no security blanket when traversing places alone – it is a risk throughout. The secret lies in embracing possibilities like sitting next to a not-too-comfortable-to-be-seated-with person who asks you probably too-personal questions, leans to close to supply conversation and lurks on your peripheral vision, staring at you for a full minute.

It’s easy to dismiss them though, once you get used to unwanted attention. But it can’t be helped to get creeped and sad at the same time, when you simply want to connect with people and they have unparallel motives. Well, maybe there’s a way around it. Unfortunately, I am yet untrained and I have a not so convincing angry face.

I arrived at Carcar at quarter to eight. and had breakfast at McDo. Carcar is a city (finally? sadly?); its commerce is eating its greens from the inside. Here’s the infamous rotunda. I take it as a sign of the city’s citiness, than the historicality that it was supposed to embody.

southbound-may (13 of 144)
Although I didn’t come ready with an itinerary, I was a sackload of information. Knowing a city beforehand lessens the anxiety for the unknown. I hopped to Sta. Catalina for my first stop because Carcar is never Carcar without its church.

St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine of Alexandria
interior design of St. Catherine of Alexandria
St. Catherine’s interior

southbound-may (14 of 144)Or old houses. But I missed Sta. Catalina street. To be very honest, I’m not that fond of old houses. I think there’s too much there that instead of peace, you can rather find an overwhelming amount of sadness. Am I romanticizing old houses that much? Maybe, maybe not. Yet, I went to the museum anyway since it was just beside the church.

southbound-may (30 of 144)
old tea set
southbound-may (29 of 144)
Carcar Museum

southbound-may (35 of 144)
It was a weekend; I’m surprised that I was the only one looking around.
southbound-may (34 of 144)southbound-may (38 of 144)
Chicharon. Ampao. Old houses. And why, shoes!

Acacia Grill.

The shoe gallery is a treasure cove for leather lovers. Cheap too. Here, I bought a lovely strap sandal for 250. Ole!
southbound-may (39 of 144)southbound-may (42 of 144)southbound-may (45 of 144)southbound-may (44 of 144)southbound-may (49 of 144)southbound-may (48 of 144)I walked away with leather hugging my soles; a good start, I should take it. Maybe, not for my pocket. But that should be a wise souvenir, before I hop to the next town.

southbound-may (40 of 144)
I have brushed so shallowly, but I am only acquainting myself. Say, shaking hands before the embrace. For now.


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