Freezing Planes · When Random Calls

Temporary Exits

I’m afraid of the sea.

A childhood cemented with scenes from Deep Blue Sea and Deep Rising (and oh! Titanic) can do that. And while I’m still learning how to move my limbs on water, I’m brave enough to submerge, albeit with the heavy burden of a life jacket, whatever. As long as I have views of infinite azures, where water mirrors the sky.

island-hopping-april (24 of 31)
this was during the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. But there were still a lot of people
boats (1 of 1)
i gave up on post-processing this

When one has itchy feet, it might be necessary to not have empty hands to cure the wanderlust. But as much as I wanted to depart and see places, I also have responsibilities, which easily equates with money. And I don’t have much of those. So whenever I get the opportunity for cheap laag, I will tighten my belt if I had to. That’s what happened when my best friend invited me to go island hopping with her work friends.

What I like about these spontaneous trips is that you also get to meet new people. There was Tomomi-san with her handsome husband and their two friends. And of course, the dogs. There was Anne who’s afraid of the water. There’s my kind of lovers Grace and Elle, Maie the INTJ and good ‘old Flenn.

island-hopping-april (22 of 31)
preparing to snorkel. different degrees of swimming power
island-hopping-april (23 of 31)
things i love. dragons on backs
island-hopping-april (25 of 31)
the herd
doges (1 of 1)
tell her, tell her. we never came for the water
island-hopping-april (16 of 31)
seen. local fisherman

island-hopping-april (15 of 31)island (1 of 1)island-hopping-april (8 of 31)It’s always great to know places with people. Although I prefer traveling alone, the comfort of a familiar laughter is always welcome and wonderful.


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