Cebu Mountain View Resort

I am the kind of person who easily gets fed up with the noise and ruckus of the city. So as much as possible, and as long as I can afford, I try to get away – go somewhere where the lights would mean something more.

city at duskIf you are like me and you live in Cebu (or is visiting Cebu), Mountain View Resort offers a great escape. Located at Busay Cebu City, just a few meters from the recently heralded Temple of Leah, it is a haven for relaxation. It is a very solemn place, not to mention steep and large and would cater to the needs of families, friends, companies on retreat, lovers and people who just wanted to eject themselves from the organized chaos of civilization for a while.

Here, you can swim, embark on a fun adventure with the rope course, dine fine, or simply just chill – enjoy a good conversation or a good book. There is a single restaurant in the place. Overnighters could get a room from 600 php – roughly 2000 php.

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I usually go there at night to catch the breathtaking view. Here, the city appears both beautiful and intimidating at the same time. Also, the few seconds of sunrise is priceless.


Of course, this doesn't even do justice. So you have to see for yourself.
Of course, this doesn’t even do justice. So you have to see for yourself.

Entrance Fee:
50 php per person

How to get there:
Ride whatever you can to JY Square Mall. From there, haggle as much as you can with habal-habal drivers who might just be way too eager to take you to your destination.

Once there:
Savor the experience. And put down your f****** phone.


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