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Green Heart

I couldn’t decide if plants are lucky for being mouthless, brainless and immobile. These get them into too much trouble, you know. And they’re too often mistaken for non-living. Sometimes, I find their stationery silence mocking. But I secretly envy their insensitivity. Not to mention, their effortless beauty.

Strolling around SM City is a walk through semi-elite urban Cebu. The place being an immense palace of competitive commerce, it’s surprising to find soil in one of its concrete atria. Here, folks. I present to you the mini plant haven of SM City Cebu, located at the ground floor, Atrium B (not very sure if this is how you address it, but whatever, it’s hard to miss and can be seen from the upper floors).

cacti universe
cacti universe

My vague conversation with one of the tinderas revealed that Cebu Orchids Society (COS) were the ones responsible for this small patch of greenery in the area. It’s a wonderful assortment. You can find:

The prices are a bit higher compared to the ones you can find at Carbon Public Market or at roadside plant markets up North. But these are reasonable enough for someone living in the rush-and-ruckus of the city who hasn’t got ample time to go plant hunting. I want to buy a pretty little cactus but my current living arrangement is a sure death for a chlorophyll-studded fellow.


Maybe a couple of years from now – a small glass house with a garden patch and a library — ahh. Dreamer.


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