Fine Ladies

I’ll tell you a secret.

All cats were sophisticated, beautiful, enigmatic young women in their past lives. They are the reincarnated versions of the ideal, painfully scarce females that secretly-insecure pseudo-writers write about in Thought Catalog.

IMG_20150308_160159I like my women – in whatever form they may take in. So today, I went to the famed Cat Cafe in Guadalupe. The only one (yet) you can find in Cebu.

it’s just along the road. the place is easy to spot
if you keep insisting on getting lost. Here, take a good look at this view of the other side of the road.

I tried to read and concentrate in what Bech was saying on his Nobel lecture. But these fine ladies (I insist they’re all ladies, even though the waitress informed me there was only one out of the five) kept distracting me from the last four pages.

The place was a bit small but the owner is planning to expand — with ten more ladies – or cats.

They’re open from 10 am to 12 midnight. But you also have to have a very good timing to get a good spot, because apparently, Cebuanos are cat lovers.

P.S. You are only allowed to touch the cats, not hold them or put them in your lap. Well, you should expect. Fine ladies are hard to get.


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