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Hunting Smiles in Valentines

Valentine’s Day

My previous Valentine’s Days were met with careless nonchalance. But with M now, I started noticing the flowers, the heart-shaped balloons, and the facebook posts – heart, heart, thanks to my Valentino (insert link to boyfriend’s name here). Hell, it was just another day! I couldn’t care less. Until now.

Because I better be getting my own flowers.

And indeed, I got this.

sister love. she says the color means unique. weh?
sister love. she says the color means unique. weh?

I have the day to myself. And luckily it was one of those days where I don’t feel compelled to hug the bed the whole day. I roamed the mall to look for some zippers. And look.


This was where the random idea popped up. I hit the supermarket and bought three packs of lollipoppsies (yay!).

I do hoard sweets, although I don’t like them. I just like the idea of them because they bait kids.

And so armed with three packs of candies and my handy phone cam, I strolled the streets of Colon and hunted for little children. I wished each a Happy Valentine’s Day. I found different faces, in different degrees of dirty. But in each and every one of them, the same genuine smile. That simple magnet that I wish my camera could capture and my memory could keep. People stare and probably they didn’t understand; maybe they find me ridiculous. A mother even asked me if it was for school. I said, no.

I just like it. Because it’s too rare to find that smile elsewhere. I don’t even know how to any longer myself. Theirs had been authentic reminders.

When there was already a shortage of kids, I settled in the park and ate a cold pakwan. Soon enough, a group of humanoids attacked the park. (And how lucky indeed, I didn’t have a hard time for this hunt!) The park guard shooed them away but soon he got tired. So came off our little mini kiddie party. Shoot!

I look for my own happiness in places. A sad reality. But I’m glad that even just for today, I got lucky.


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